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22 Simple Daily Habits That Separate High Achievers From Everyone Else

"Just as attorneys practice law, leaders need to practice leadership. Great leaders influence others toward a better future. Leadership requires public optimism, confidence, practice, practice and more practice. Every day I identify the top eight to 10 people I need to influence, whether they're colleagues, clients, friends or loved ones. Then I write their names on my list and practice leadership: Some require a phone call, others need a direct meeting. Everyone on my daily target list needs to know that they are important to me and my business. When I practice leadership daily, then I stay focused on my objective of being a leading provider of outcome-based leadership development solutions."

--Doug Gray, Ph.D., author of “Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Leadership” and CEO of Action Learning Associates who has worked with over 10,000 leaders in multiple sectors since 1997

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