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OKR Leadership Fact Sheet

In OKR, Objectives are what is to be achieved. They are qualitative, subjective, and significant.

In the OKR framework, Key Results (KRs) are 3-5 quantitative measures that verify the status of any objective with numbers.

OKR Leadership is a process for managers and leaders to practice what matters.

OKR Leadership is:

  1. Radical for top-down hierarchical organizations to implement

  2. A bridge between silos (e.g., operations and human resources, regional and corporate) that need to share resources or collaborate

  3. Individually written by people at any level of a team or organization

OKR Leadership is NOT:

  1. Tied to performance reviews, compensation or rewards

  2. A new fad or unvalidated approach to decision-making

  3. A “silver bullet” for every career, team or organization

Why you should practice OKR Leadership:

  1. Align and connect for teamwork

  2. Track for accountability and transparency

  3. Stretch for amazing innovation

  4. Focus resources and commit to priorities

  5. Increased agency for individuals and teams
How to develop OKR Leadership:

  1. Practice a growth mindset

  2. Practice asking great questions

  3: Practice sharing your OKRs

  4. Practice alignment

  5. Practice an accountability cadence

  6. Practice AD-FITTM coaching

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