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At OKR Leadership we believe that Leaders must practice leadership, just like Doctors practice medicine. Any tool is only as skillful as the person who wields it, but just like antibiotics revolutionized medicine and created a better life for billions of people, OKRs are a tool that has revolutionized business and helped unlock the potential lying dormant in countless teams and individuals.

To help you develop those skills, we offer a variety of resources to teach you how to apply Silicon Valley’s secret sauce to your business. Whether that’s digital OKR courses for you and your team, personalized OKR training and coaching, or the book that started it all, there’s sure to be an option that suits you.

OKR Leadership

Purchase our book through your favorite book brands, or download a FREE 1st Chapter.

Digital OKR Course

Learn a validated process and the essential tools to accelerate accountability and transparency in your organization.

OKR Leadership Training

Book a 30-minute virtual consulting session with Doug.

Here's how we do it.

Step 1.

Schedule an OKR training session for you and your team to get started.

Step 2.

We teach you to integrate Objectives and Key Results into your business.

Step 3.

Everyone knows what to do and why, and you reach your Key Results.

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